What to Expect

Our address is 4100 Woodward, but our entrance faces Alexandrine (the angled doors on the People’s Records end of the building; press the buzzer on the right hand side of the door to be let in). After you are buzzed in, enter the hall to the right of the foyer; our reception door is the bright red door on the left. If you are driving, please park in front of the building, or around to the right; if our lot is full, you may park in the Majestic lot, to the right and behind the building. If you ride your bike, we don’t have a bike rack (yet) but you can lock it to the outside stairwell.

Welcome! A receptionist or one of the acupuncturists will greet you and give you some paperwork to fill out. Help yourself to tea or water and make yourself comfortable. Feel free to use the restroom too; they’re in the hallway, and the keys are by the door.

If this is your first visit, you can pay after your treatment (we’ll give you a sense of how often you should come in, and you can factor that in to how much you want to pay each time). If you’ve been here before, we recommend paying and scheduling your next visit before your treatment, so you can just drift out when you are done.

Please turn off your cell phone and speak quietly, to avoid disturbing all the people enjoying a nap or a quiet rest (we don’t want your cellphone interrupting your rest, either!)

Pick an empty recliner, take your shoes and socks off, and put your shoes and other belongings in the red bin next to your chair. Roll up your pants to the knee and shirt sleeves to the elbow, and get comfy. If a blanket or neck pillow would make you more comfortable, please help yourself from one of the stacks around the room.

Your acupuncturist will greet you, and ask you about whatever health concerns motivated you to come in. Then she’ll feel your pulse, which helps us narrow down which points to use. Next, the acupuncturist will insert a few needles chosen to treat what ails you. The needles go in gently and quickly, and should not be at all uncomfortable. The acupuncturist will leave you to relax, but will be keeping an eye on everyone, in case you need anything.

Most people naturally relax after a few minutes, and rest for 45 minutes or more–though it usually feels like much less time! If you need to leave by a certain time, please let the acupuncturist know in advance – if you don’t, please take the opportunity to get some good rest! When you feel done resting, catch the eye of the acupuncturist and she’ll come remove your needles. You might feel a little spacey, so take your time getting up.

Please check in with the front desk person to pay for your treatment and schedule your next appointment, if you didn’t do so beforehand. We also have an online scheduling system you can use yourself, if that’s more convenient. Feel free to sit with a cup of tea or water before heading back out into the world!

If possible, try to take it easy after your treatment, and notice how you feel–especially for the first day or two. Don’t forget to read the brochure you were given, with our recommended treatment plan. If questions or concerns arise, feel free to call or email us, or just ask the next time you’re in for a treatment. We look forward to being a resource for your self-care!