About DCA

At Detroit Community Acupuncture, we know that people heal better when they heal together. That’s why we offer simple, comfortable, individualized acupuncture treatments in a cozy community setting, for a wide variety of health issues, to all kinds of folks. We have a sliding scale of $15 – $35, whatever works for your budget—no questions asked.

We opened in December of 2008 and moved to our current location in July of 2010. Since we’ve been open, we’ve given over twelve thousand treatments to nearly four thousand Detroiters. For more information, give us a call. Or just stop on by and say hello!

Why Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a gentle, comfortable treatment that has been used safely for thousands of years, in many countries, for all kinds of ailments: from back pain to ankle sprain; from indigestion to anxiety & depression; from PMS to everyday stress. For more information about acupuncture, check out our acupuncture FAQs page.

Why Community?

Detroit Community Acupuncture is part of the growing Community Acupuncture movement, which is committed to a vision of affordable, egalitarian, accessible acupuncture. At Community Acupuncture clinics, we mostly treat people in recliners, clustered in a quiet and soothing space. Receiving acupuncture this way has many benefits: family members and friends can come in together for treatment; many patients find that it decreases the sense of isolation that often comes with illness; and (best of all) a kind of “collective energy” happens which makes individual treatments more powerful.

There are two other Community Acupuncture clinics in the area: Community Health Acupuncture Center in Ferndale, and Michigan Community Acupuncture in Livonia. If either of these locations is more convenient for you, please contact them directly.